Good & easy packages for PDI drivers in uk

MCR Leasing offers dynamic packages for PDI drivers. As they are not approved drivers yet, so they can improvise their driving by getting a fully-leased dual controlled vehicle.

About MCR Lease

MCR Lease offers specialized dual control vehicles leasing Services. Dual Controlled vehicles leased cars are perfect for the ADI Approved certified drivers. MCR Lease offers flexible lease options for all the ADI and PDI Drivers to get the smart cars for their driving schools.
Ford Fiesta

Best Dual Controlled Cars Lease Package for ADI Drivers in UK

We have the best dual controlled lease cars for ADI Drivers in the UK. They can get flexible and competitively-priced dual control car leasing packages. ADI drivers can add these specially designed vehicles into their driving schools. Get on the road the right way with dual control car leasing and insurance. You can get all the benefits of having a leased car with no worries at all. MCR Lease will cover all the expenses in case of any mishap and contingency. We let your car wheels moving, while you are running your business with no strain of owning a vehicle.
Dual Control Vehicles Leasing Services
“MCR Lease were recommended by my driving school and the service from start to finish has been excellent. All the document handling was very efficient and the delivery went smoothly.”

-Helen Prentice .